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Swift ToO User Agreement
The Swift Target of Opportunity Request is intended for use by knowledgeable professional and amateur astronomers to request observations of transient or flaring astrophysical sources by the Swift Gamma Ray Burst Explorer. The Science Operations Team is not obligated to observe all requested targets, even if scientifically interesting. The Swift Principal Investigator is the final authority for all decisions regarding Targets of Opportunity.

By accepting this agreement you agree to submit only legitimate requests for astrophysical sources (no terrestrial or atmospheric sources) and to provide upon request electronic or photographic data supporting your request. Visual sightings must be corroborated by an independent source. By accepting this agreement you also agree to abide by its terms and conditions.
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If you encounter any difficulties, please email the ODS at swiftods@swift.psu.edu.

Science Operations Team Statistics
In the past 28 days, Swift has received 134 Target of Opportunity requests (4.8 per day), from 71 members of the community, for 110 different celestial objects. In that time Swift observed 77 targets in 104 separate observations on average per day. Swift was observing for 71% of the time, the rest of the time spent slewing or passing through the South Atlantic Anomaly.

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