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Swift Detailed Visibility Calculator

This tool allows anyone to calculate detailed visibility for a single target for the near future (next 20 days maximum). Please note that results here give possible observing windows only. Due to spacecraft restrictions, targets can only be observed for a maximum of 30 mins (1800 s) in any particular window. Results of this table are a guide only and must be verified by the Swift Science Operations Team before a target can be planned. This tool is intended to aid in planning closely coordinated observations with other observatories.

Note: All dates/times are Universal Time (UT).

Note: RA/Dec/Year not set, using defaults. Enter values in form below.

RA(J2000) [deg]:
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Science Operations Team Statistics
In the past 28 days, Swift has received 115 Target of Opportunity requests (4.1 per day), from 61 members of the community, for 96 different celestial objects. In that time Swift observed 72 targets in 103 separate observations on average per day. Swift was observing for 72% of the time, the rest of the time spent slewing or passing through the South Atlantic Anomaly.

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