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Swift Operations Center Personnel

First Last Position Phone* Email
John Nousek Mission Director (814) 865-7747 nousek@astro.psu.edu
Jamie Kennea Science Operations Team and XRT Team Lead (814) 865-0234 jak51@psu.edu
Mark Hilliard Flight Operations Team Lead (814) 865-6844 mark.hilliard@omitron.com
Mike Siegel UVOT Team Lead (814) 865-7748 siegel@astro.psu.edu
Julia Erdley PSU Swift Program Manager (814) 865-6843 jde101@arl.psu.edu
Simone Dichiara XRT Instrument Scientist sbd5667@psu.edu
Caryl Gronwall Observatory Duty Scientist (814) 865-0421 caryl@astro.psu.edu
Jeff Gropp Science Planner jdg44@psu.edu
Sam Laporte Science Planner sjl5346@psu.edu
Alexander Belles Science Planner aub1461@psu.edu
Maia Williams Science Planner mjw6837@psu.edu
Thomas Gaudin Science Planner tmg6006@psu.edu
Chris Ginther Flight Operations Engineer (814) 865-6829 Chris.Ginther@omitron.com
Elliot Walker Flight Operations Engineer (814) 865-5510 Elliot.Walker@omitron.com
George Frampton Flight Operations Engineer George.Frampton@omitron.com
Kyrra Gelinas Flight Operations Engineer Kyrra.Gelinas@omitron.com
Holly Simcisko Financial Assistant (814) 865-6834 hks5194@psu.edu

*If available

Swift Mission Operations Center

The Pennsylvania State University
301 Science Park Road,
Building 2 Suite 332,
State College, PA 16801
☎ +1 (814) 865-6834
📧 swiftods@swift.psu.edu

Swift MOC Team Leads

Mission Director: John Nousek
Science Operations: Jamie Kennea
Flight Operations: Mark Hilliard
UVOT: Michael Siegel
XRT: Jamie Kennea