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Swift Target of Opportunity Request Summary

Below we summarize details for a given TOO request. Note not all details of the TOO request are made public.

TOO request for SGR 1806-20


RequesterCoti Zelati
Time Submitted2023-02-24 05:12:19
UrgencyHigh Urgency (observation needed within 24 hours)
Object NameSGR 1806-20
Type or ClassificationMagnetar
Right Ascension (J2000)272.16383 (= 18h 08m 39.0s)
Declination (J2000)-20.41114 (= -20° 24' 40.0'')
Position Error (90% confidence - arcminutes)0
Science Justification
Exposure Time per Visit (s)3000
Number of Visits1
Total Exposure (s)3000
Immediate Objective
UVOT Mode0x9999: Default (Filter of the day)
Primary Target ID35315

No observations have been scheduled for this target yet. Check the observation schedule for any observations of this target by clicking on the Target ID value in the above table.

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