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Simple Sexigesimal to Decimal Coordinate Converter

Below is a simple tool that can be used to convert sexigesimal RA/Dec coordinates to decimal values. Note that for Swift sub-arcsecond accuracy is not necessary. This is because Swift's slew accuracy combined with its instrument's pixel size and PSF makes providing coordinates at greater than arc-second accuracy unneccesary.

A special welcome to our friends from the Nancy Grace Roman Telescope.

RA & Dec Conversion from HH:MM:SS to Degrees
 RA:   Hours Minutes Seconds 
 DEC: Degrees Arcmin Arcsec

Swift Mission Operations Center

The Pennsylvania State University
301 Science Park Road,
Building 2 Suite 332,
State College, PA 16801
☎ +1 (814) 865-6834
📧 swiftods@swift.psu.edu

Swift MOC Team Leads

Mission Director: John Nousek
Science Operations: Jamie Kennea
Flight Operations: Mark Hilliard
UVOT: Michael Siegel
XRT: Jamie Kennea