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GUANO Status:

Last Request Received:

2023-03-27 11:22:28

Currently ingesting the following public trigger types:
-Fermi/GBM GRB
-IceCube neutrino
-FRBs from CHIME

Currently ingesting the following private trigger types:
-LVC GW sub-threshold
-FRB notices from realfast

Gamma-ray Urgent Archiver for Novel Opportunities (GUANO)

The GUANO is a fully autonomous, extremely low latency, spacecraft commanding pipeline designed for targeted recovery of BAT event-by-event data around the times of compelling astrophysical events to enable more sensitive GRB searches. If you use data that are made available via this system, please cite the GUANO paper Tohuvavohu et al. (2020).

In the table below you will find an accounting of event data made available by GUANO based on public triggers, and a pointer to the observation ID the data can be found under at either the Swift Data Center QuickLook site, or at the HEASARC for events greater than one week old.

'Event Window Duration' shows the requested download length. If the length of the downlinked data differs, the actual number is given in brackets. If the trigger time is not covered by the event data, this is marked with an asterix (*).

Trigger TypeTrigger TimeEvent Window
Duration (s)
Observation ID
FRB2023-03-27 11:21:24.583139200 Pending (Uplinked)
INTEGRAL_GRB2023-03-26 23:50:17.5400009003111680011
GBM GRB2023-03-26 05:22:28.290000200 (199)00010549136
GBM GRB2023-03-25 17:56:50.80000020000076879007
CALET_GRB2023-03-25 10:46:48.5000009000014971026
FRB2023-03-25 01:43:12.43609020003111779001
CALET_GRB2023-03-24 11:36:57.3200009001161127004
CALET_GRB2023-03-24 09:59:35.7400009003111268005
GBM GRB2023-03-24 04:25:10.18000020000015411042
GBM GRB2023-03-24 03:35:04.05000020003112528007
GBM GRB2023-03-24 01:10:41.29000020000097073001
GBM GRB2023-03-22 20:57:41.28000020001161127000
FRB2023-03-22 09:15:35.87282020000015929001
FRB2023-03-22 09:08:09.47623020000097016001
CALET_GRB2023-03-21 23:48:45.3500009000014012080
INTEGRAL_GRB2023-03-21 22:32:41.2100009000089608001
GBM GRB2023-03-21 06:12:19.93000020000097102004
GBM GRB2023-03-20 22:46:06.19000020003112181001
GBM GRB2023-03-20 21:12:25.55000020003111889005
GECAM GRB2023-03-20 21:12:25.35200020003111889005
CALET_GRB2023-03-20 21:12:22.70000090 (200)03111889005
CALET_GRB2023-03-20 01:51:50.2800009000015411038
FRB2023-03-18 23:34:37.10554120003111682009
GBM GRB2023-03-18 07:12:02.21000020000031252012
FRB2023-03-18 04:05:04.32305420003112372001
GBM GRB2023-03-17 11:52:4120000015923001
FRB2023-03-17 08:12:50.027041200 (273)00021547006
FRB2023-03-17 08:11:37.283862200 (273)00021547006
FRB2023-03-17 07:40:16.00744120001126853078
GBM GRB2023-03-17 06:02:28.55000020000096637001
GBM GRB2023-03-17 03:25:43.13000020003111956005
FRB2023-03-16 16:07:42.60719920000076392008
GBM GRB2023-03-16 13:06:30.32000020000096882041
FRB2023-03-16 12:13:12.37485720000010374242
FRB2023-03-16 06:38:37.96923320000089583023
CALET_GRB2023-03-15 22:14:54.0800009003111873008
CALET_GRB2023-03-15 13:55:509000096720001
FRB2023-03-14 19:34:32.66110020003111692008
FRB2023-03-14 17:12:38.95478220000030966132
FRB2023-03-14 11:03:15.42306720000011397032
GBM GRB2023-03-14 02:51:24.13000020000075592041
FRB2023-03-13 09:04:50.50202520000013499180
GBM GRB2023-03-12 19:29:33.81000020003111866008
CALET_GRB2023-03-12 16:17:38.4800009003111802006
CALET_GRB2023-03-12 14:42:33.9100009003111866008
GBM GRB2023-03-12 06:07:09.590000200 (57)*00015858019
GBM GRB2023-03-12 00:53:35.45000020000015903002
Note: Table shows most recent 50 GUANO triggers.

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