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GUANO Status:

Last Request Received:

2024-03-04 19:09:41

Currently ingesting the following public trigger types:
-Fermi/GBM GRB
-IceCube neutrino
-FRBs from CHIME

Currently ingesting the following private trigger types:
-LVC GW sub-threshold
-FRB notices from realfast

Gamma-ray Urgent Archiver for Novel Opportunities (GUANO)

The GUANO is a fully autonomous, extremely low latency, spacecraft commanding pipeline designed for targeted recovery of BAT event-by-event data around the times of compelling astrophysical events to enable more sensitive GRB searches. If you use data that are made available via this system, please cite the GUANO paper Tohuvavohu et al. (2020).

In the table below you will find an accounting of event data made available by GUANO based on public triggers, and a pointer to the observation ID the data can be found under at either the Swift Data Center QuickLook site, or at the HEASARC for events greater than one week old.

'Event Window Duration' shows the requested download length. If the length of the downlinked data differs, the actual number is given in brackets. If the trigger time is not covered by the event data, this is marked with an asterix (*).

Trigger TypeTrigger TimeEvent Window
Duration (s)
Observation ID
FRB2024-03-04 07:34:28.02578420000037513005
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-03 13:27:38.2800009003105769003
GBM GRB2024-03-03 12:18:51.24000020000097195011
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-03 12:18:50.88000090 (200)00097195011
CALET_GRB2024-03-03 12:18:48.34000090 (200)00097195011
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-03 09:31:35.9500009001218452001
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-03 07:32:53.5300009000037354058
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-03 06:58:32.0700009003106615005
GBM GRB2024-03-03 06:07:06.77000020000040750026
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-03 03:14:45.7200009000074014056
CALET_GRB2024-03-03 01:07:49.7200009003112529095
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-02 21:49:15.6900009001218401000
GBM GRB2024-03-01 23:47:35.85000020000016529001
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-01 18:58:18.2300009000074060156
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-01 16:42:20.6500009000096991188
CALET_GRB2024-03-01 01:24:05.44000090 (200)00016492010
GBM GRB2024-03-01 01:24:04.07000020000016492010
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-03-01 00:43:07.8000009000031540189
GBM GRB2024-02-29 23:58:04.27000020003109430004
Neutrino2024-02-29 15:48:219000013264010
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-29 14:07:07.85000090 (200)00013264010
CALET_GRB2024-02-29 14:07:07.39000090 (200)00013264010
GBM GRB2024-02-29 14:07:07.03000020000013264010
FRB2024-02-29 10:25:08.99545820000016445015
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-29 10:23:41.85000090 (118)00016445015
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-29 10:05:08.3500009000010549181
FRB2024-02-29 08:59:43.17787120000049889012
FRB2024-02-28 23:36:34.43206520000016532002
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-28 14:02:15.6600009000016532002
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-28 10:11:30.7200009000016503006
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-28 04:57:03.1900009003108021002
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-28 01:39:37.4100009000016522002
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-27 13:50:49.4000009000016472012
FRB2024-02-27 08:58:19.72076020000015858062
GBM GRB2024-02-27 04:40:15.16000020001217729000
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-27 04:40:14.70000090 (200)01217729000
FRB2024-02-26 06:08:14.05988020000040750024
GBM GRB2024-02-26 05:40:04.58000020000013906107
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-25 10:50:23.3100009000016474012
GBM GRB2024-02-25 09:06:41.71000020000045870006
FRB2024-02-25 08:09:50.96667320000016464009
FRB2024-02-25 06:06:30.76181020000097203010
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-25 05:19:33.94000090 (91)00075881014
CALET_GRB2024-02-25 05:19:32.73000090 (91)00075881014
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-25 04:20:16.5900009000045870006
INTEGRAL_GRB2024-02-24 21:14:19.64000090 (542)01217218000
GBM GRB2024-02-24 20:54:5420001217218000
GBM GRB2024-02-24 14:42:24.57000020000033135008
FRB2024-02-24 11:28:23.39924420000016491006
Note: Table shows most recent GUANO triggers.

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