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We scheduled a baseline observation to check the observing facilities and to make sure we could download the data from the spacecraft to the ground station (Malindi) and to the SDC (Swift Data Center) website. During this period (03:06 to 04:28 UT), we observed for 40 minutes using a UVW1 filter in event mode. We transferred the data, verified that the Comet was visible, and made sure that the count rate was not high enough to damage the instruments on-board. The impact observation began at 05:21 for another 40 minutes in the same way that the baseline was performed. We collected a 2000 second image and splitted it into 20 images of 100 seconds each to create a sequence of images.

The ultraviolet brightness of Comet Tempel 1 as a function of time measured with the Ultraviolet and Optical Telescope (UVOT) on the Swift satellite through a broadband filter centred on 260 nm.


The X-ray brightness of Comet Tempel 1 as a function of time measured with the X-ray Telescope (XRT) on the Swift satellite in the 0.2-10 keV band.

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Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Swift's Comet Tempel Observing Timeline:


Comet Tempel Team
Swift Mission Operations Control Room
Principle Investigator: Neil Gehrels (NASA/GSFC) – via phone
Science Director: Alan Wells (U. Leicester/Penn State)
UVOT Science Lead: Keith Mason (MSSL)
Observatory Duty Scientist: Pete Roming (Penn State)
Flight Operations Engineer #1: Mark Hilliard (Omitron)
Flight Operations Engineer #2: Rob Laverghetta (Omitron)
Flight Operations Engineer #3: Justin Knavel (Omitron)
Flight Operations Support: Chris Bessette (Penn State)
Science Planner #1: Sally Hunsberger (Penn State)
UVOT Specialist #2 (ICU): Phil Smith (MSSL) - via phone
Coordination: Marg Chester (Penn State)

Instrument & Data Support
UVOT Duty Specialist #1 (DPU): Scott Koch (Penn State)
UVOT Data Analyst: Nino Cucchiara (Penn State)
UVOT Analysis Support: Alex Blustin (MSSL)
Katie McGowan (MSSL)
XRT Duty Specialist: Dave Burrows (Penn State)
XRT Data Analysis Paul O'Brien (U.Leicester)
XRT Analysis Support: Cheryl Hurkett (U. Leicester)
XRT Pass One Support: Judy Racusin (Penn State)
XRT Analysis Support: Dirk Grupe (Penn State)
BAT Duty Specialist: Scott Barthelmy (NASA/GSFC)
Swift Data Center Scientists: Richard Fink (NASA/GSFC)
Dean Hinshaw (NASA/GSFC)
Science Planner #2: Judy Racusin (Penn State)
Systems Support: Dale Hoover (Penn State)
Publicity: Barbara Kennedy (Penn State)
Meghan Clutter (Mansfield Univ./Penn State)
Martin de la Nougerede (MSSL)
Lynn Cominsky (Sonoma State)
Chris Wanjek (NASA/GSFC)
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