Swift-XRT Survey of Fermi Unassociated Sources

These results are part of the Swift program to follow-up Fermi unassociated sources in an attempt to find X-ray counterparts to the unidentified gamma-ray sources. As new observations are performed, these pages will be updated in nearly real time. Please use these results as a guide and proceed with caution when using them in a publication since they are the result of an automated analysis.

When using these data and results in publications, please reference M.C. Stroh & A.D. Falcone 2013, ApJS, 207, 28; arXiv: 1305.4949 for a description of many of the analysis techniques used to reduce these data (note: a more detailed paper describing the complete data set and analysis is forthcoming). Please contact Abe Falcone and Michael Stroh at unassociated@swift.psu.edu if you have any questions about the program or the analysis, or to simply to let us know that you've made use of these data.

Caution: For completeness, sources are listed if the "detection" exceeds 3 sigma. The significances and images are shown so you can make more stringent significance cuts, if desired.

2FGL J1657.5-4652


Detected Excesses

Swift-XRT image of the field for 2FGL J1657.5-4652 Swift-XRT detections in the field for 2FGL J1657.5-4652

No detected excesses found.

Rejected Excesses (Due to Overlaps or SNR(Sosta) < 3.0)

# R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) Pos. Error (") Rate (cts/s) Counts SNR (Detect) SNR (Sosta)
1 16 56 31.70 -46 48 04.50 6.65 (2.2 ± 1.1) x 10-3 9 2.214 2.063

X-Ray and Gamma Ray Catalogs

More Catalogs

Swift-XRT image with known X-ray and gamma ray sources for 2FGL J1657.5-4652 Swift-XRT image with known radio, optical and UV sources for 2FGL J1657.5-4652

No known X-ray or gamma ray sources found.

Known Radio, Optical and UV Sources

# Source Name R.A. (J2000) Dec. (J2000) Offset (') Database Table
1 [SPT2015] ATCA J1657-4647 16 57 41.71 -46 47 11.04 5.46 FER2FUSRID
2 MGPS J165718-464603 16 57 18.10 -46 46 03.00 6.98 MGPS2
3 MGPS J165808-470128 16 58 08.30 -47 01 27.84 10.73 MGPS2
4 TGSSADR J165831.6-470009 16 58 31.61 -47 00 09.00 12.48 GMRTAS150M
MGPS J165831-470007 16 58 31.70 -47 00 07.92 12.48 MGPS2
5 MGPS J165823-464242 16 58 23.69 -46 42 42.12 12.98 MGPS2

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