Swift Mission Conference
Celebrating 5 Years
November 18-20, 2009


Oral Presentations
Wednesday, November 18
Swift Overview
N. Gehrels Scientific Opportunities for Swift
J. Nousek Swift Operations Status and Future Plans
Swift Instrument Status
S. Barthelmy BAT Status
D. N. Burrows XRT Status
P. Roming The Swift UVOT: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
D. H. Hartmann Swift Users Group
L. Cominsky Swift Education and Public Outreach
GRBs I: Theory
E. Ramirez-Ruiz Triggering Gamma-Ray Bursts
D. H. Hartmann On the Origin of the Highest Gamma-Ray Bursts
J. K. Cannizzo Long-term Accretion Rate Modulation by an External Accretion Disk in GRBs
A. M. Beloborodov Photospheric Emission from GRB Jets
GRBs II: Observations
J. Greiner Swift and Long Duration GRBs
J. Bloom A Redress of Short Bursts
D. N. Burrows Chandra Searches for Late-Time Jet Breaks in GRB X-ray Afterglows
B. Cenko The Collimation and Energetics of the Brightest Swift Gamma-Ray Bursts
D. B. Fox Top Ten Reasons to Get Excited about the QPO GRB 090709A
Supernovae and Novae
S. Immler Five Years of Swift Supernova Observations: What Have We Learned?
P. Brown Ultraviolet Properties of Supernovae
S. Kulkarni Palomar Transient Factory
G. Schwarz Classical Novae in the Swift Age
M. F. Bode Swift Observations of Extragalactic Recurrent Novae
S. Starrfield Swift Observations of Classical Novae in Outburst: The Demise of the Constant Bolometric Luminosity Paradigm
Thursday, November 19
AGN I: Seyferts
I. McHardy Variability of Seyfert Galaxies as Seen by Swift
D. Grupe Swift Observations of the Spectral Energy Distributions in Soft  X-ray Selected AGN
R. Vasudevan The Swift/BAT 9-Month Catalogue: Determining the Total Luminous Power Output of AGN
L. Winter Spectroscopic Properties of the Swift BAT Detected AGNs
J. Wu A Catalog of Quasars with Simultaneous UV, Optical, and X-ray Observations by Swift
AGN II: Blazars
R. Sambruna Swift Contributions to Blazar Studies and More
J. Grube Multi-wavelength Observations of Flaring Blazars with Swift, Fermi, and VERITAS
Galaxies and Clusters
C. Gronwall Deep Ultraviolet Imaging of the Chandra Deep Field South with the Swift UV/Optical Telescope
A. Moretti Swift XRT Observations of Galaxy Clusters' Outer Regions
E. Hoversten Swift UV/Optical Telescope Ultraviolet Imaging of the Star-Forming Regions of M81
P. O'Brien Extragalactic Science using MAXI+Swift
J. Tomsick Catching Galactic X-ray Transients in the Act
C. Markwardt The Value of Swift for Low Luminosity Low Mass X-ray Binaries
N. Degenaar Swift as a Key Tool to Study Underluminous X-ray Transients
P. Romano The True Colors of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: the Swift View
M. Reynolds Galactic X-ray Binaries as Observed by Swift
M. Ajello The Role of Swift in All Sky Surveys
J. Tueller Swift/BAT Hard X-ray Survey: Analysis Procedures and Results
P. Evans Swift Identification of New X-ray Sources Discovered by thvXMM Newton Slew Survey
S. Puccetti The Swift-XRT Deep Serendipitous Survey
Friday, November 20
Poster Competition
D. Burlon Three years BAT survey: Insight in the World of Local Absorption
G. Cusumano The Palermo Swift-BAT Hard X-ray Catalogue: Results after 54 months of sky survey
Swift and Other Observatories
P. Caraveo AGILE/FERMI and Swift Connection
C. A. Wilson-Hodge Fermi GBM: Highlights from the First Year
H. Tomida Current Status and Initial Results of MAXI on the International Space Station
M. S. Tashiro GRB Observations with Suzaku and Strategy of ASTRO-H
Surveys, Comets and HE from Stars
G. Israel Magnetar Flares and Flashes in the Swift Era
D. Bodewits Swift Observations of Cometary X-ray and UV Emission
J. Sokoloski High Energy Emission from Stars

Poster Presentations
Gamma-Ray Bursts
G-01 D. Burlon Before prompt emission: precursors from BATSE to Swift
G-02 M.G. Dainotti et al. Standardizing Gamma ray Bursts X-ray afterglows with the Lx(Ta) - Ta luminosity correlation
G-03 P. Evans et al. Can the fireball model explain XRT afterglows?
G-04 J. Graham Post SM4 HST Imaging Of The High Metallicity LGRB 051022 Host
G-05 H. He & X. Wang The early high-energy afterglow emission from Short GRBs
G-06 S. Holland The Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 090417B and its Host Galaxy: A Step Towards an Understanding of Optically Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts
G-07 D. Kazanas & A. Masthichiadis A Bulk Comptonization Model for the Prompt GRB Emission and its Relation to the Fermi GRB Spectra
G-08 R. Margutti How do we get to the plateau? The first snapshot from GRB081028
G-09 A. N. Morgan & J. S. Bloom PAIRITEL Observations of Swift GRBs: Towards a Composite Sample of NIR Light Curves
G-10 D. C. Morris A Relation Between GRB Flares and Redshift
G-11 K. Onda et al. Suzaku-WAM and Swift-BAT observations of spectral variations in GRB prompt emissions.
G-12 S. B. Pandey et al. Early optical observations with ROTSE-III
G-13 M. Stamatikos Multi-Messenger GRB Astrophysics: Swift's Crucial Role in the Fermi Era
G-14 C. Swenson & P. Roming Analysis of Short GRB Parameters and GRB Phase Correlation
G-15 K. Toma et al. An up-scattered cocoon emission model of gamma-ray burst high-energy lags
G-16 A. C. Updike et al. Probing Dust in the Universe with GRBs
G-17 T. Ukwatta On the shortest variability time scales associated with the prompt emission of Swift BAT Gamma-ray Bursts
G-18 X. Wang et al. Spectral Lags from Structured Jets
G-19 X. Wu et al. Fast rotating black holes in GRBs 060729 and 080913?
G-20 F. Yuan et al. Probing the internal-to-external transition phase with ROTSE-III
G-21 W. Zheng Statistical studies of optically dark GRBs in the Swift era
SN-01 C. Pagani Swift-XRT monitoring of 1E 161348-5055, the compact source at the center of the Supernova Remnant RCW 103
SN-02 T.A. Pritchard et al. Ultraviolet and Optical Properties of the Type-IIn Supernovae 2007pk
SN-03 B. Russell Swift XRT observations of core collapse supernovae
Active Galactic Nuclei
A-01 D. Burlon 3-years BAT survey: insight in the world of local absorbed AGN
A-02 D. Cameron et al. Tightly correlated X-ray and optical/UV variability of the lowest-mass Seyfert nucleus in NGC4395 with Swift
A-03 A. Cucchiara et al. Variability and spectral energy distributions of low-luminosity active galactic nuclei: a simultaneous X-ray/UV look with Swift
A-04 F. D'Ammando et al. Multiwavelength campaigns on the blazar PKS 1510-089 during 2008-2009: the importance of the broad band coverage by the Swift satellite
A-05 T. Dwelly et al. The dramatic X-ray spectral variability of the Dwarf Seyfert NGC4395
A-06 M. Gliozzi et al. The SWIFT view of PKS 0558 -504, a highly accreting AGN with a radio jet
A-07 I. Jang et al. Studies of High z Blazars with Fermi LAT and SWIFT
A-08 S. G. Jorstad et al. Multifrequency Campaign of Gamma-Ray Blazar OJ287 in Autumn 2008.
A-09 P. Romano et al. Gamma-ray quiet BL Lacs: a Swift view
A-10 O. Shemmer & W.N. Brandt The X-ray Variability of Highly Luminous Radio-Quiet Quasars on Timescales of Days to Years
A-11 S. Vercellone et al. High energy blazar observations with AGILE, Swift, and WEBT
A-12 J. Wu et al. The X-ray and Ultraviolet Properties of a Large, Diverse Sample of Optically Selected Quasars
T-01 J. R. Cummings Review of BAT ground-detected bursts, including SGR 0418+5729
T-02 P.A. Curran et al. Swift broadband spectral modelling of the 2005 outburst of GRO J1655-40
T-03 H. A. Krimm et al. Discovery of the black hole candidate Swift J1539.2-6227
T-04 C. B. Markwardt & J. H. Swank Observations of RXTE-Discovered Galactic Transients by Swift
T-05 C. R. Shrader & D. J. Macomb Search for Colliding-Wind Induced Gamma-Ray Emission in High-Mass X-Ray Binaries
T-06 T. Strohmayer Evidence for a 115 Day Orbital Period in the Ultraluminous X-ray Source NGC 5408 X-1
T-07 L. Vetere et al. Discovery and Observations of SGR J1550-5418 with Swift XRT
T-08 W. Yu & Z. Yan Spectral Transitions in Transient and Persistent X-ray Binaries: Confirmation of A Unified Picture with Swift/BAT
Sw-01 A. Beardmore The Performance of the XRT after 5 years
Sw-02 G. Chincarini THE SOONER - Fast and high time resolution facility.
Sw-03 B. Cordier et al. SVOM: a new mission for Gamma-Ray Burst studies
Sw-04 G. Cusumano et al. The Palermo Swift-BAT Hard X-ray Catalogue: Results after 54 months of sky survey
Sw-05 D. B. Fox et al. The JANUS Mission: Observing the Illumination of the Universe
Sw-06 E. Katsavounidis et al. Multiwavelength observations and Gravitational-wave transients: the past, present and future
Sw-07 F.E. Marshall et al. New GRB Standard Products for UVOT Data
Sw-08 T. Sakamoto et al. Testing the Spectral cross-calibration of the Swift BAT/XRT and the Suzaku HXD/XIS by the simultaneous observation of Cyg X-1
Sw-09 T. Sakamoto & N. Gehrels Review the Anti-Sun pointing operation of Swift
Sw-10 M. H. Siegel et al. Faint NUV/FUV Standards from Swift UVOT Photometry
Sw-11 M. Smith Swift Follow-up Searches for Potential Astrophysical Neutrino Sources
Sw-12 V. Tichy Lobster eye as optics for small space X-ray telescope
Sw-13 H. Tsunemi et al. Observation of the MAXI-SSC.
Sw-14 M. E. Epperly et al. Collaborative Development of the XRT Electronics Package for the Swift Mission
M-01 M.L. Conciatore et al. Optimized UV and X-ray Background Source Samples for WHIM Detection
M-02 K. Page Swift Observations of Super-Soft Novae
M-03 J. Weratschnig et al. Substructure in Abell S1136: Results from a Combined X-ray and UV Observation